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Frank Napoli has been in the Las Vegas area for five years, and he has become an esteemed life coach and inspiration for many residents.

In 2010, Napoli decided he needed to make a life change, and he starting researching healthier ways of eating and exercising. Almost a decade later, he is a picture of health, and he wants to share what he has learned with others.

He now blogs about diet and exercise, which he says are very separate endeavors that create a means to a common end, which is excellent health. Frank exercises in his home gym three days a week, and he does varied outdoor exercise activities throughout the week. He says living in Vegas allows him to get outdoors year round, but the gym allows him to do regimented weight lifting. Cooking has become a huge part of his life too, and Napoli loves to share recipes he’s invented or found online to keep his healthy lifestyle.

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