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Switching It Up: Best Trampoline Workouts

One of the main complaints you hear from people beginning to workout is the monotony of it all: the same equipment, the same gyms, same, same, same.

What if there was a way though, to act like a child, while at the same time completing a highly effective workout? A fun activity that could make you forget you were even working out in the first place?

Well, everyone, the answer is ever so simple: it’s time to jump! Yes that’s right, jumping on a trampoline has proven to be a remarkably useful workout while at the same time providing you with a great time!

Here are just a few, of the many, benefits of adding a trampoline workout into your repertoire:

  • The improvement of your coordination and balance
  • Increased metabolism and stamina
  • Less pressure on your feet and legs than running

While simply jumping can be of great help to improving your health, there are specific exercises out there to help you get the most out of your enjoyable jumping time. No matter if you’re jumping on your own, personalized, best trampoline, or simply a community trampoline!

In Web MD’s Jodi Helmer’s interview with Basheerah Ahmad, a fitness expert, they go over some great trampoline exercises. Two of my favorites are:

  • Trampoline Squats- As simple as it sounds, this exercise requires you to jump up and land in a squatting position, with your arms out in front of you. Giving you all the benefits of a regular squat, in let’s just say a bit more of a fun way!
  • Trampoline Prances- Often referred to as a “high-knee” workout, simply alternate bringing each knee as high as you can. You’ll feel all the benefits of an intense workout, while at the same time enjoying yourself!

Once you’ve mastered the beginning workouts and gotten yourself comfortable with the feel of the trampoline, there are a plethora of advanced workouts to get yourself into. The video below demonstrates a couple quick, and helpful, exercises to get the most out of your new workout friend. Don’t worry if you struggle at the beginning, just like anything else the key to becoming skilled at the trampoline is simply practice!

Now you’re all set! No longer is all the fun just for the kids, it’s your time to enjoy yourself– and get a kick-butt workout out of it as well. So next time you’re staring at an intimidating bench set, or your back hurts from sit-ups, remember it’s time to jump!