Weightlifting, Diet, & Exercise Resources


Bodybuilding.com- A website completely devoted to intense lifters, offering lifting and fitness plans as well as articles to assist you.

International Weightlifting Federation- Looking to get inspired? The IWF is the ruling global body for weightlifting, as well as in charge of putting on international competitions. Come to this site for some insight on the true professionals.

Reddit Weightlifting– A global community sharing their insights and experiences with weightlifting. While not a professional site, it can be great to hear from others who are taking on the same challenges.

Diet & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition Magazine-  Published by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, this magazine gives you great recipes and tips to maintaining a healthy diet.

Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion– A part of the US Department of Agriculture, this is the home for the government’s nutritional recommendations and dietary guidelines.

Nutrition.gov- Another site put on by the Department of Agriculture, except this one is strictly for assisting people make healthy choices when it comes to eating.

General Exercise

Muscle and Health Magazine– One of the premiere media outlets in the world of fitness, covering all sorts of topics from workouts to interviews with leading fitness personalities.

Men’s Health Magazine-  A magazine and website covering, obviously, all things relating to the health of men. From nutrition to fitness, Men’s Health has it all.

Women’s Health Magazine– Exactly like Men’s Health except for women. An invaluable website covering all of your fitness, workout, and nutritional needs.

Train Magazine– Another magazine on this list is Train. Another site with multiple offerings, it has become an important tool for all fitness gurus in search of better health and fitness.

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